Seung-Ki Park Appointed as Chairperson of Brian Impact, Bringing Vast Experience in AI

  • Recognized as a Competent Candidate Aligned with Brian Impact’s Mission of Solving Social Problems Through AI and Scientific Approaches
  • Seung-Ki Park’s Transition from Software Engineer to Leadership Roles as COO and CEO of Kakao Brain
  • Emphasis on Prioritizing New Public Utilities Leveraging AI Expertise Over Continuing Existing Projects



[SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA – April 1, 2024] Brian Impact has appointed Seung-ki Park, former CEO of Kakao Brain, as the foundation’s new chairperson. Seung-ki Park will officially assume the role on April 1, 2024.


Brian Impact’s board of directors remarked about Seung-ki Park, stating that “he is the perfect fit to lead our current and future social impact projects, as he aligns with the foundation’s goal of using AI and scientific techniques to solve social issues.”


Brian Impact was founded in 2021 through a donation declaration by Kakao founder Brian Beon-su Kim, with its main direction being to contribute to solving problems dispersed throughout society by utilizing science and technology, including AI.


Seung-ki Park, the new chairperson, was one of the co-founders of KakaoTalk at IWI Lab in 2007, which was Kakao’s predecessor company. He also participated in establishing Kakao Brain, a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, along with Beon-su Kim, the founder of Brian Impact. In September 2018, he took over as CEO of Kakao Brain from Kim and continued to serve until March 2021, playing a pivotal role in the company’s growth. As an individual with experience in both human resources (HR) and AI-related fields, he comprehends the direction of the foundation’s endeavors and has the proficiency and capability to execute the AI-related businesses that Brian Impact will establish in the future.


Seung-ki Park noted that “Brian Impact has consistently supported social impact companies and organizations that bring positive change in our society, believing that technology can help people create a better world.” He emphasized, “I deeply resonate with Brian Impact’s core philosophy and will do my best to promote more public utilities using AI while building on the foundation’s existing work.”


Meanwhile, Brian Impact strives to encourage our society to tackle bolder challenges and explore new ideas through various initiatives, including Side Impact, a project contest aimed at solving social problems using technology; the Paper Shop, which supports research papers related to AI; Impact Ground, a program that supports innovative organizations working towards solving social issues; Brian Fellows, who work towards creating social impact by supporting people; and a project aimed at expanding employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities.


For more information about Brian Impact’s various projects, please visit the official Brian Impact website (


[Resources – Profile of Seung-Ki Park, Brian Impact’s new Chairperson]

  • Born in 1973
  • B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from KAIST (February 1997)
  • Worked at NHN (October 2002 – February 2005)
  • Senior Manager of Web Development at NHN Japan (June 2004 – October 2007)
  • Joined IWILab / Kakao (November 2007 – March 2017)

– Developed Kakao Talk/Kakao Agit

– Served as Co-leader of the Communication & Community (C&C) team during a merger

– Held the position of Team Leader of People & Culture (P&C)

  • Chief Operating Officer of Kakao Brain (April 2017 – September 2018)
  • CEO of Kakao Brain (September 2018 – March 2021)
  • Business Advisor of Kakao Brain (April 2021 – March 2022)
  • Business Advisor of Kakao Brain / Interim CTO (February 2022 – July 2022)