Brian Impact

Brian Impact Foundation,
shaping a better future
for everyone

We support innovators in technology and good
hardworking people in social sectors.

Brian Impact Intro

Technology and imagination can
accelerate social impact

At Brian Impact Foundation, we believe we can leverage technology to help people create a better world.

Brian Impact Foundation was established to assist innovators in technology and good hardworking people in various sectors of the society.

Leading various social projects, researches, and collaborative alliances, Brian Impact will build a philanthropy to find solutions to many challenges we face in the community.

We also work for the benefit of humanity by helping people adapt to forthcoming, rapid changes in technology.

Accompanying the mankind in our journey to find answers to the past, present and the future, we will support individuals to share insights and make growth at scale.

Project 100

We can’t create a better world on our own.
This is why Brian Impact Foundation is initiating Project 100, through which we will discover and help innovators who can boost social impact.

  • Helping good
    hardworking people in
    social sectors.

  • Discovering Innovators
    and changemakers
    around us.

  • Making an impact with
    every project to create
    a better community.