Brian Impact Hosts ‘Fellow Connect Day’ with Brian Fellows Leading Societal Innovation

  • Brian Impact brought together all Brian Fellows from season 1 to 4 on the 11th, fostering solidarity and provide a supportive platform during ‘Fellow Connect Day’
  • Through ‘Fellow Speech Sessions’ and networking programs, Brian Fellows share their accomplishments and future goals, creating a space for meaningful cross-seasonal exchanges
  • A newly selected Brian Fellow from Season 4 reflects on the network’s impactful support, noting that it provides crucial encouragement during challenging moments and empowers fellows to persist towards their initial objectives




[SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA – January 12, 2024] – Brian Impact Foundation announced the successful hosting of the ‘Fellow Connect Day’ on the 11th. This solidarity event brought together Brian Fellows, individuals innovating and courageously tackling societal problems across various fields, to share their achievements and future goals.

‘Brian Fellows’ is a support program of the Brian Impact Foundation, endorsing the efforts of social innovators and encouraging them to embark on new, bold initiatives. After selecting 12 new members through open recruitment of Season 4 Brian Fellows in August, Brian Impact is currently supporting a total of 50 Brian Fellows.


The event, held at COEX in Samseong-dong, drew about 60 attendees, including all Brian Fellows and staff members of the Brian Impact Foundation. Welcoming newcomers who just recently joined the network last month, the Fellow Connect Day provided a platform for Fellows to share their experiences. The event featured various segments: Introduction of Season 4 Fellows, Fellow Speech Session, Commemoration Plaque Delivery Ceremony,  Networking Program ‘Starting Connections,’ Introduction of Season 1-3 Fellows, and Networking Program ‘Spreading Connections.’


In the Fellow Speech Session, CEOs Jung-yoon Jeong of ‘Handspeak’ from Season 1 and Hwan-hee Lee of ‘Paw In Hands’ from Season 3 represented Brian Fellows. They shared the activities and achievements based on the Brain Impact Foundation’s financial support and Brian Fellow Community program and outlined plans for their future endeavors.


During the Commemoration Plaque Ceremony, all Fellows received commemorative plaque expressing gratitude for their contribution and support for their future paths.

The event included networking session ‘Start the Connection’ and ‘Spread the Connection’, where all Fellows from Seasons 1 to 4 introduced themselves and exchanged their vision for solving social problems.


Newcomer fellow Park Sang-won, CEO of ‘Neulpeum Values ​​Incorporated Association’ from season 4, expressed the significant support gained from the Connect Day. He noted that it encouraged him to persist in spreading positive influence to the local community despite facing social nonchalance and moments of loss in creating a healthy community. He pledged to continue spreading this positive energy to other Brian Fellows.


Brian Impact’s Secretary General Jeong-Ah Son stated in an interview that Brian Fellows has grown one step further thanks to innovators’ sincere dedication to addressing social problems. Expressing hope that the network will serve as a strong support for these individuals, she added, “the Brian Impact will spare no effort in supporting innovators to move steadily toward achieving their goals.”

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